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take everything you dream of....

and never let it go x

* samii *
23 December
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
Peanut M&Ms or Plain? Peanuts mmm...
Oreos Or Chocolate Chip? Oreos
Chocolate Or Vanilla? Depends on what it is=P
Orange Or Apple? Apple
Road rules or Real World? Real world!
Mustard or Ketchup? YiiCk!
Bubblelicious or Juicy Fruit? Hmm bubblelicious :o)
Spaghetti or Ziti? Ziti
GC or Blink 182? Derr!!! BLINK-182! lol
Britney Or Xtina? Britney
Whitney Or Mariah? yOu sUck
Fantasia or Diana? Diana
Eminem or 50 cent? Eminem
French fries or Onion Rings? Both lol
Strawberry or Bananna? Strawberry
Past or Present? Present
Back or forth? Lol ummmm forth?
Sweet or Sour? Sour
Starburst or Skittles? Starburst all the way
Chocolate Milk or Strawberry? Strawberry....yumm!
Cats or Dogs? Both! i <3 puppiies and kiittiiess
Hotdog or Hamburger? uhh ill pass
Chicken or Turkey? Both
Now Or Then? NOW!
This or that? This!